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BassPlayer Magazine RANDY BRECKER THE BRECKER BROTHERS BAND REUNION You always remember your first professional gig, and for Will Lee, that was the jazz-funk fusion group Dreams, which in 1971 featured 25-year-old trumpeter Randy Brecker and his younger brother Michael on saxophone. Lee went with Dreams for their 1975 debut, and on this stellar two-dsc set (one a live DVD recorded at New York's Blue Note club), he digs once again into the slick funk pocket that defined the Brothers' early sound. Highlights: the hyper-syncopated "First Tune of the Set" and the meditative Michael Brecker tribute "Elegy for Mike." (Review scanned and sent to AR & RB)


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Voice of America, MOJA Radio Russ Davis: “HAVE IT...LOVE IT...ADDING MULTIPLE CUTS from both the CD and DVD!!! Thanks...the world NEEDS this music!!!!! “







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