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Hello there ! I 've been asked different times about chart of my own tunes and so I thought to create a play along track taken from one of my original recording.

Finally I put some time into it and here it is !  

It's a free track to have good time on it and feel free to drop a line for suggestions of any kind included specific tracks you like.

If I see some interested I might start to post regularly tracks and maybe make a couple $$ :)

Piano RIGHT channel, BASS, LEFT channel ( Drums on both)

The track is clean and with minimal mix.

I'll do also another take for drummer later on.

Have fun !

16 bars intro

6 chorus solos.

The original track has :

Janek Gwizdala on Bass

Obed Calvaire on Drums

George Colligan on Piano

check here to check the original one !

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